woman pours out rice into air

The Saba Charitable Foundation is the United States’ arm of the Saba Family Foundations, created to facilitate the specific guidelines of non-profit organizations in the USA. Our mission, strategies and interests are all aligned.

And those interests are all toward the betterment of human living conditions: such as not being bullied, being fed every day, being treated fairly, having access to an education and economic opportunity, and to healthcare and modern technology. In a world of knowledge and abundance, these are the human rights.

The Saba Charitable Foundation is led by philanthropist and entrepreneur Malini Saba, a dominant figure in the Asian and African rice markets. Ms. Saba has aligned herself with world health and relief organizations her entire life, including UNICEF, and helped form Upcara and Humanity Crew.

Her primary company, Saba Industries Group recently donated $100M to the Asian rice industry and stays engaged in building systems that will feed the hungry and uplift the small farmer worldwide.

We invite you to participate in building a world where kindness and compassion prevail, and any impoverished person can be assured at least of free basic nutrition.